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What we like to do:

Synthetic Organic Chemistry

     Synthesis ranging from „simple“ starting materials to complex target molecules.

Peptide Synthesis

     Solution and solid phase synthesis of peptides with various lengths. 


     High-throughput screenings of catalyst libraries at different conditions to explore new reactivities. 

Mechanistic Studies

     Analyzing catalytic reactions by MassSpec, 1D/2D NMR, IR, or UV-vis spectroscopy or (chiral) HPLC/GC.

Computational Chemistry

     Molecular modeling and DFT calculations on reagents, catalysts, products, and reaction intermediates.

Machine Learning

     Combining experimental and computational data to predict new catalysts.

Want to join our team?

Students and exchange students are always welcome to join our team for a semester project, Bachelor, or Master thesis! For details, just drop by our lab or send an email to schedule a meeting to discuss potential projects. 

Interested in a PhD or Postdoc research with us? Please send a letter of motivation, a CV including list of publications, an academic transcript, and the names of at least two references via email. We are happy to support with applications for funding.

Check out the beautiful city of Freiburg and the Albert-Ludwigs-University!

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