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23. October 2023

Welcome to Thomas, who starts in our Lab as a semester project student.

15. September 2023

Tobi presents our research at the Bioorganic Conference at Munich.

28. August 2023

Tobi presents a glimpse of our work at the Regiosymposium in Freiburg with his talk "Rethinking Small Molecule Catalyst Development"

10. July 2023

Today, the Schnitzer group doubled its size: Tom Kuster joins our team for his Master thesis. He will deep-dive into the world of peptide catalysis!

13. April 2023

What an amazing Easter surprise: Take a look at our stunning laboratory located on the 4th floor of the Chemiehochhaus!

01. April 2023

The Schnitzer Lab starts exciting research on target-selective catalysis at the University of Freiburg! Thanks to the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie for the support!

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