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What brought me here?

After leaving school, I began studying chemistry at the University of Freiburg. Throughout my studies, I developed a particular interest in the field of organic chemistry. Currently, as a master's student, I have the opportunity to work with the Schnitzer group, where my work is focused on the origin of homochirality.

What makes me happy?

I enjoy riding my longboard along the Dreisam on warm summer evenings, having good food with friends, listening to an audiobook while I puzzle, or enjoying an episode of Better Call Saul.

What is my current smartphone background? Why? 

My background picture is a bush with yellow and red flowers and in the background is the Aegean Sea. I took the picture during a holiday on Rhodes and it reminds me of the great time I spent there.

Since 2023

Master of Science (Chemistry)

University of Freiburg, Germany


Bachelor of Science (Chemistry)

University of Freiburg, Germany Thesis with Prof. H. Jessen “Synthesis and Characterisation of photocaged pGpp”



Zabergäu-Gymnasium, Brackenheim, Germany

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