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What brought me here?

I was already really interested in anything science-related, even as a child. Later, this grew into a great passion for organic chemistry. After finishing high-school in Luxembourg, I came here to continue learning more about chemistry. I chose Freiburg because the university has a very good reputation, but also because it is such a beautiful city. Right now, I am working on my bachelor thesis about using Peptides as catalysts for cleaving chiral esters.

What makes me happy?

I really enjoy hanging out with my friends, be it going for drinks in the evening or at home, coming together to play video games. I also play the guitar in a small band because I love being creative. But what truly makes me the happiest is spending time with my girlfriend.

What is my current smartphone background? Why? 

A picture of my two cats and best childhood friends. They are unfortunately no longer alive, but like this, I always have them with me.

Since 2020

Bachelor of Science (Chemistry)

Albert-Ludwigs University Freiburg, Germany


Bachelor of Science (Physics)

University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg



Athenée de Luxembourg, Luxembourg

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